IP Transit

IP transit is a subset of internet connectivity, which includes settlement-free peering, paid to peer, and content delivery. One of the major roles of internet providers is to offer a seamless communication channel that satisfies all local connectivity needs. Look no further! Because NOW GCN offers you high-performance CIR internet connectivity with zero traffic congestion and maximum guaranteed performance. We make sure that you receive internet content through a secure, low latency and low packet loss carrier-grade network, ensuring the fastest information flow. Our perfect IP network enables rapid access to universal content, making sure that you always stay abreast with the latest information and technology.

Domestic Private Leased Circuit (DPLC) is a point-to-point leased circuit/transport channel for integrated and high-speed communications, including voice, data and video communications. Our DPLC connectivity enables organizations to communicate effectively with their customers, business partners, regional offices and other stakeholders that are dispersed around the world ensuring maximum security of data and the minimum delays in communication. DPLC users can securely send & receive large volumes of data at high speed with no delays due to dedicated circuit. By the provision of DPLC, GCN makes sure that its customers experience dedicated bandwidth with high speed and maximum security and privacy. Our DPLC services include clear data transmission including all carrier communication needs such as video communication and conferencing.

Your personal – speed

When choosing among the best high speed Internet providers, there are several other factors that should be taken into consideration besides just the available download speeds.